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Patio cleaning Services

Patio cleaning is the process of making your patio look new again. Sometimes this may require minor repairs to be done, but essentially it is just general cleaning, washing, and sealing.  This is a relatively cheap task and can give you back an old, worn-out surface into a new one.

Patios are built of many different surfaces and there is no single method for cleaning them. There are some general rules which apply to most patios however such as regular pressure washing to get rid of any dirt or spills that may have been left. Also, sealing the patio is required to keep it from going back into that terrible state again.

The first step in cleaning a patio is pressure washing. High-pressure water jets flush away dirt and grime, which loosens up old sealants and paint on patios. It also helps to remove any stubborn stains on the surface.

It is very important to thoroughly clean the patio surfaces before starting with the sealing process. If dust or dirt remains on the surface of the patio, they would get melted into the new sealant and provide a poor base for it. This would result in peeling up of the sealant which would ruin the whole purpose of sealing it in the first place.

Patio cleaning determines how rich and vibrant the colors of your patio will look. It also plays a vital role in determining the life of your patio. Any stains on it can be treated by special chemical solutions that are designed to help remove them and make the surface look new again. If you do not want to go through the stress of hiring a professional patio cleaning company, you can do it on your own.

There are several kinds of cleaners that can be used, depending on the surface and type of material that your patio is made from. You should decide which cleaner would work best for you as different cleaners will provide different effects depending on the surface they are used to clean as well as what materials were used to make it.


What is the best time to have my patio cleaned

The best time to get your patio cleaned is in the autumn or into early winter when leaves are off of trees and gathered up already. Spring or summer can also be a good time because there’s not too much dirt on the ground that could get stirred up onto the patio again after being cleaned. Another time that’s not preferable is just after having any type of construction done on your yard whether it’s landscaping services like laying down turf; all the dust and dirt tracked around will cause problems with getting your patio clean and maintaining it over the next couple years due to all the debris stuck in the pores

Patio cleaning is the process of cleaning out stubborn dirt, grime, and algae from your patio. Patios are surfaces that are incredibly exposed to outdoor elements. Dirt builds up quickly, especially in areas where people walk or come into frequent contact. The best way to get your patio surfaces clean for a fresh start is through patio pressure washing.

Since our company specialises in this type of service it’s important to understand what types of patios we clean and why they need special attention compared to the rest of a home’s exterior surface.

There are millions of homeowners that own patios that were installed by previous owners. In many cases these companies used cheap construction methods and materials because at the time cost was their main concern when building a patio.

Patios that are not properly built or maintained can crack, warp, and even develop mold on the surface of the concrete. This is especially true if you live in an area where there’s a lot of rain, snow, and ice. By patio cleaning these problems will be eliminated so it can maintain its appearance for years to come. Patio sealing will also help improve its longevity by preventing water absorption problems even after signs of wear start showing up.

The construction method used when building your patio should be considered before calling someone to clean the surface of your home’s outdoor space. If you don’t know how yours was made then this is something that must be discovered first because proper installation means less maintenance later on down the road.

Do you repair and repoint patios?

After a good patio cleaning, many homeowners wonder if they should make any repairs. The general rule is to wait until spring for big projects such as replacing concrete or redoing the entire surface. We offer remedial repairs to patio surfaces, including cement repairs, fixing broken patio paving, and relaying uneven surfaces or loose paving. We will always discuss repairs with you after the cleaning has been completed. If a patio is old and in disrepair, then it’s always a risk that pressure washing could dislodge old cement work. 

Before starting any patio repairs, we can plan out and give you an Idea on how much money and effort your project will take so you know what costs are involved and the kind of result to expect. 

Patio cleaning methods

There are two main types of patios that need cleaning: Natural brick stone or concrete surfaces that have been stained from outside debris such as leaves or dirt, and stamped concrete. For stain removal on natural stone or concrete, a pressure washer is often used first with a deck brush and scrubbing action for an enhanced clean. The high-pressure stream blasts away dust and grime without damaging the surface underneath. By using the right combination of water volume, water pressure, and nozzle type you will not cause damage to the surface like etching or stripping by removing too much top material if overused.

For stamped concrete, a surface cleaner is used. The pressure from the water stream does most of the cleaning for you.

Why clean a patio

Pressure cleaning patios has become the most effective way to clean patio surfaces, even if they are made of very hard materials. You can pressure wash your outside area or fence using a high-pressure water jet machine and it will leave behind an amazing finish. Some people also advise applying some chemical cleansers for better results but we don’t recommend that because it could damage the stone surface leading to unsightly cracks you’re not happy with.

Hiring professional patio cleaners is beneficial because professionals are experienced in their work and know exactly what chemicals are safe for different types of stones, what tools should be used for which type of stone, etc. The services offered by these companies include:

1) Patio renovation – It includes power washing, stripping off the old coatings & sealers, fixing cracks, etc. Power-washing – This process of removing dirt, mold & algae etc with high pressure water jets has always been part of the patio cleaning service but now companies are using advanced techniques for cleaning and sealing old and new patios.

2) Sealing -Old surfaces can be sealed with micro porous sealers that will create a smooth surface. If the patio is already in good condition then you can just seal it to protect it from weather damage and other natural elements. A new coating will enhance its looks.

3) Staining – This step is only applied on old surfaces like concrete more than 10 years old. You can use a deck restorer or deck stain which provide excellent results.

4) Maintenance – Now you don’t need much effort if your professional cleaners have done a good patio sealing job as all you need to do is sweep or mop your patio surface once in every week. And enjoy the new look of your outdoor area for years to come.

A patio is a durable surface in a garden or backyard used in the design of gardens, patios and terrace . A patio may be paved with stone slabs, natural flagstone , bricks laid on their mortar beds , concrete paving stones, tiles, blocks or bricks set on edge to create a border pattern or other designs. In some places such as

What type of patio surface do you clean?

We clean all types of patio surfaces including Indian sandstone,  concrete block pavers, brick paving, timber and composite decking and concrete slabs. All surfaces are cleaned and treated independently and according to their needs.

What is the best method for cleaning a patio?

This would depend on what type of patios you have (concrete, brick or wood) and the state of the surface. We use our Rotary cleaning system which uses heated water to give your patio a deep clean to ensure that it has optimal levels of health and safety. Our powered machines are capable of up to 100 PSI (the higher the pressure – such as in car washes or sandblasting), but we only apply enough pressure necessary while also not damaging surrounding plants or materials on your property.

How do I prepare my patio before you arrive?

Whilst some people prefer us to just turn up and get on with it, if you want the best results we recommend you prepare your patio area for us before we arrive.

if using a broom or brush, ensure that all dirt has been swept away from the tiles

remove any items that may be affected by our pressure washing equipment (such as deckchairs) and put them in a safe place. Ensure there is enough space around each tile for our machines to access and clean it properly; we recommend an additional 3 feet in every direction of the patio itself, this will help to ensure maximum effectiveness when we come round to clean your patio. We will still try our best but sometimes issues such as overgrown weeds can make things more difficult than they need to be! Use a soft brush to remove any dirt or glue that has accumulated on the surface of your patio – if it’s an outdoor space, this will probably be caused by leaves etc. which have gathered over time. If you use a stiffer brush e.g. a scrubbing brush, you run the risk of damaging the finish on your stone tiles! If there are weeds growing out from between the cracks in your patio, try removing as much soil as possible first before using something like glyphosate to treat them. We can also help with this if you’re not sure!

DIY Patio cleaning – Check out these Patio Cleaning Tips 

Keeping your patio clean and in shape has never been easier.

There are many ways to take care of the cleaning process, whether you need to do it yourself or hire an expert company to come in and take over for you. However, if you choose the DIY route, there are several things that need to be done when taking care of your patio so that it is always neat and looking its best.

The trouble with the whole cleaning process is that many people misunderstand what needs to be done in order for their patio to look absolutely perfect at all times. This is especially true when it comes down to power washing — too much pressure will damage certain kinds of surfaces while not enough can lead to a short-term problem which will eventually cause more problems.


Clearing overgrown vegetation from patio area

It is suggested that you should first start with mowing the grass surrounding the area along with any other vegetation on top of it; this may include trees or bushes. You should make sure that no debris is left on top of them as this might cause damage to your power washer nozzle when you’re finally ready for cleaning off dirt and  other unwanted substances on your patio.

Tips for Cleaning Patio yourself

During this phase, you should be using a pressure washer that has about 1400 – 1800 Psi with a low-pressure soap application along with the fan spray setting in order to remove any debris, dirt or grime buildup off of the surface at hand. If you would like to add some degreasing agent into the water such as dishwashing liquid (5 drops per 3 gallons of water), it might also help reduce the number of times that you will have to use the power washer during this cleaning phase.

The final step of patio cleaning with pressure washing is to make use of your garden hose once more and fill it with plain water again. Use this for rinsing down your concrete patio’s surface after you have finished applying the degreasing agent using the power washer. After being flushed off, the stubborn stains should be gone by now!

If you don’t want all this hassle and mess, you can call us to book a free consultation and free quotation in Derby. We can professionally clean and treat your patio ready for the summer months!


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