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Why clean my roof?
One of the reasons why roof cleaning is important is to extend the lifespan of your shingles or other roofing materials. Algae may not be harmful to asphalt roofing, but moss is. Moss can make the edges of your shingles curl upward, making them more likely to blow off the root during windy weather. Black algae growth will interfere with the reflective properties of the roof
Problem of roof cleaning.
One of the setbacks encountered during roofing cleaning is that it is very stressful and uneasy. May be you are not thrilled about the idea of climbing up your roof and coming down, or using a chemical cleaner to kill off the algae or moss.

Luckily for you, Premium Restorations Derby has come to stay in order to tackle any problem associated with the roofs of your properties. Remember, the national roofing contractors association warned against any DIY work on your roof. Roof cleaning is a job for professionals like the Premium Restorations Derby.
Another problem with roof cleaning is that the chemicals or products used to clean the roof can harm any garden planting or vegetation growing near your home. Contractors like Premium Restorations Derby will water any nearby plants and cover them so as to protect them from chemicals before cleaning.

The idea of roof cleaning
During roof cleaning, the aim is to kill and remove algae or moss that are growing on the roof. If you have asphalt shingles as your roof material, it is advisable not to use a pressure washer on them because the force of the water can damage them.
A bleaching solution can be allowed to sit on the roof surface for about 20 minutes. The bleach solution should then be rinsed with clean water. A few rain showers should be enough to wash any remaining algae off the roof.
Contractors like Premium Restorations Derby also use a leaf blower to remove any lead or leftover pieces of algae or moss from the roof.
Can algae and moss shorten the lifespan of my roof?
Yes. When algae and moss grow on your roof, they can lift the edges of your roof as they grow up and as a result will loosen the granules. Algae and moss also attracts unwanted birds, animals and insects that use this algae and moss for food and nesting material. Birds will peck on the roof material to remove the algae and moss. This can cause holes in the composition of the roof material thereby allowing water to drop inside the building.
Should I replace my roof or just clean it?

If you are looking at your roof and thinking it looks a little worse for wear, it might just need a good cleaning. Most times, the build up of algae and moss on a roof can make the roof material look like they are in critical condition which they may not be in reality. A professional roof cleaning company like Premium Restorations Derby will inspect the roof and tell you about the condition of your roof. If we think that cleaning is the best option, we will do the cleaning at a very affordable price. If on the other hand, we discover that your roof needs replacement, we can get materials made of copper which can repel the growth of algae on your roof.
Get in touch with us by filling the form below. We will come and inspect your roof and give you a free quotation. Alternatively, if you can snap some pictures of the bad roof, do send the pictures to us on WhatsApp using our number 01332-215145.

How frequently should I schedule a cleaning?
If you are a homeowner and you neglect to clean your roof when needed simply because you are very busy or you do not notice your roof appearance, then your roof might not be safe from damage. Cleaning your roof will make your property clean and presentable. Roof cleaning might be a last priority for you as a homeowner, but always remember that a lot of benefits are derived from making your properties clean. The curb appeal of your property can be greatly improved when you clean them as required.
The roof of your house should be cleaned within the first five years of installation and then every two to three years afterward. However, homes that are in tropical areas and homes that are located near beaches, busy roads, warehouses, production facilities, matured trees, and airports may need more consistent cleaning.
Regular roof cleaning offers a lot of benefits to homeowners and also protects the house itself from being damaged.
Is DIY a wrong method of roof cleaning?
As roof washing or cleaning is vital for keeping a home in good condition, you might be tempted to buy pressure washing equipment and try to tackle this job yourself. You need to realise that this job is more dangerous and difficult than you may think. Too much pressure can easily loosen or split the roof shingles and tiles while also creating messy splatter. Added pressure may not also remove all the dirt, moss and algae. And again, roof cleaning requires working at height and as such many safety precautions have to be taken. If you are not trained on how to use a body harness to work at height, you might be endangering your life as well as the lifespan of your roof or property.
Improper roof cleaning techniques also damage the roof tiles, shingles and flashing. When these materials are damaged as a result of wrong cleaning, the exterior look of your property can be a mess up.
Allowing detergents or other chemicals to dry on top of your roof can cause unsightly marks. Residual detergents and cleaners also create a sticky surface that traps more dirt than before. Premium Restorations Derby ensures a thorough rinse as well as a complete clean and protective work on your roof.
There are some specially designed chemicals to address the issue of moss, algae and any other unwanted growths on your roof. These chemicals kill the roots as well as the spores so that they do not rejuvenate in the future. These detergents meant for roof cleaning also dissolves thick dirt and grime, loosens strong debris and hard mud. When a detergent or chemical of this kind is applied on your roof, a low pressure rinsing is conducted to clean the roof perfectly.
Hence, get in touch with Premium Restorations Derby for your perfect and easy roof cleaning.
Can high pressure wash ruin my roof?
Most professional pressure cleaning equipment can be regulated. What matters is the experience the contractor has over using the equipment on the job. Premium Restorations Derby has all the experiences, skills, techniques, expertise and personnel to make your roof look new.
How would I know if my roof was damaged during the cleaning process?
Only work with a licensed roof cleaning company like Premium Restorations Derby that knows how to walk on your roof and how to perform repairs during the cleaning and treatment of your roof. Roof cleaning is a delicate process and needs to be done by professionals who understands roofing system and can recognise a problem and make the needed corrections.

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