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Do you look outside and wish your driveway was clean?

Are you sick of your dirty and unattractive Driveway?

Have you been searching on Google for Driveway Cleaning Near Me?

 Does it spoil the look of your house or business premises?

Premium Restorations of Derby offer a fantastic solution to this problem!

Professional Driveway Cleaning services in Derby.

Pressure Cleaning & Sealing Services for residential & Commercial Customers throughout Derbyshire

You will only know too well what it’s like to have a buildup of dirt, weeds and grime on your driveway. We can help you remedy this problem with our professional power wash service that will clean away all the unwanted dirt, grime and organic vegetation such as weeds, moss, and lichen, and then seal the driveway so it limits the regrowth, keeping your drive in pristine condition for many months to come.A great way for homeowners in Britain is by hiring professionals such as ourselves so they don’t need worry about doing these tasks themselves.


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What Driveway Surfaces do we clean and Seal?

Driveway Cleaning Derby

If you require our professional driveway, roof cleaning and patio restoration company in Derby to restore these hard external surfaces back to their former glory, then you have come to the right place. We provide our customers with bespoke domestic and commercial cleaning services that specialise in the transformation of block paving driveways, all types of patio surfaces, all types of roofing tiles, property rendering, brickwork, concrete and most other external hard surfaces, and usually back to their original condition. Do you have household problems with moss, lichen and algae? If so, we are experts in the removal and prevention of these nuisance, unsightly and unwanted organic material, anywhere they are, on the outside of your house. We offer various professional and specialised treatments for driveway and roof surfaces. Our biocide surface washes can help to eliminate the all too often coverings of organic growth, cleanly and safely. Block paved driveway surfaces can be sealed with various finishes after the initial cleaning, treated and re-sanding process, leaving a driveway that will look outstanding and with that “just been laid” look

Our Services

Driveway Cleaning

Whatever the type of driveway, paving or surface that you may have in Derby, It will always require some sort of regular maintenance program, and what better than a professional cleaning and sealing treatment by Premium Restorations of Derby, this is imperative if you want it to always look its best and keep your expensive investment in tip-top condition. All driveways receive lots of abuse and are quite susceptible to our harsh British winter weather, as they are constantly battered by the elements including wind, rain, ice, strong UV rays. Also the other issue and problem they have to contend with are vegetation growth such as weeds, moss, lichen and algae which can cause health and safety problems when it starts to become slippery when wet. Driveways are an exceedingly expensive home investment initial outlay, so it really does pay to keep them in good condition, especially block paving before they start to break up and need costly repairs. We can professionally clean, seal and restore your driveway, patio, paths or any hard surface back to its former condition. Call Premium Restorations of Derby to see how we can be of assistance with your paving.

Patio Cleaning

Premium Restorations of Derby have been deep cleaning, renovating and restoring all hard surface garden and patio areas for our loyal client base for many years now. This is one of our key services that our customers really enjoy, especially just before the early summer months as it transforms their outdoor leisure spaces that may have come dirty and grimy throughout the winter. They love the way we breath life back into their beautiful patios and dining areas that can be enjoyed once again throughout the warm weather. We have specially designed cleaning agents power washing equipment that makes short work of the patio cleaning process, unlike the cheap throw away power washes that are available Just sit back and leave all the dirty work to our team of professionals and soon you will have a patio that is unrecognisable and as good as new! We can complete as much or as little external cleaning as you want, usually when customers see their patios gleaming they request us to do other areas such as pathways, walls, brickwork. Our special designed rotary cleaning machines keep the mess down at ground level so all the debris or dirty water doesn’t fly around everywhere.

Roof Cleaning

The build up and pollution over the years of moss, lichen algae and bird droppings on your property’s roof tiles can not only ruin the look and aesthetics of your house but can cause much larger more expensive issues later on if not taken care of and addressed correctly. For example, many people book our roof cleaning services around Derbyshire to remove this moss, algae and lichen just because they like to have a pristine looking clean roof. However, this organic matter is very good for stripping away the layers of protective coatings on your roof tiles, which in turn leave your entire roof vulnerable and therefore exposed to the diverse weather elements. As this moss takes hold, matures and grows it likes to root itself on the roof tiles, the roots can penetrate the porous tiles, when the freezing temperatures expand these roots it usually results in split tiles and cement surfaces at some point. A clean roof will be less likely to be bothered with these problems. This can ensure that your roof will last much longer, and you can have less call outs for expensive repairs. Not only this but your roof will stand out and look great against your neighbours dirty roofs!

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Having solar panels fitted in Derby was a great idea you initially thought, yes, until the pigeons moved in!
If you have a home that is unfortunate to have pest pigeons nesting under your solar panels, then you will need our solar panel bird proofing service in Derby, as we have the best solution to eradicate these flying and noisy pests for good. These very unwelcome guests that are roosting and nesting behind your solar panels need taking care of swiftly before they lead to other more expensive problems. These vermin need to be removed, as if left unattended for long periods of time can destroy electrical cabling, damage the solar panels and even your roof. Not only that, the pigeons bring with them a multitude of diseases. Our professional team can remove these unwanted pests safely, humanely and guarantee that they will not return in the future. This will stop the noise, the mess and you can once again get back to normality of having a quiet life, and a good nights sleep. Call now for details and FREE Quote

Our jet washing technique is designed to clean deep within block paving stains and spills that have soaked into the surface of your drive. It does this by means that no other process can, with a combination of high pressure and heated water. This ensures that it doesn’t just clear the top layer but penetrates your entire driveway removing all dirt and grime from deep within its pores. Not only will it remove stains such as oil, grease, and tire marks but also moss, algae, and general debris which not only look unsightly but will also damage your driveway over time if left untreated. We use specialist cleaning agents so our services won’t damage the appearance of your surfaces; in fact, you’ll be amazed at their condition after we’ve finished!

Block paving cleanings are often recommended by property owners who want to prolong the usefulness of their driveways.

A driveway cleaning is not simply for aesthetic purposes, rather it can help to prevent future damage and improve the quality of your driveway.

There are many benefits that come with a yearly professional block paving cleaning and sealing service: Driveway cleaning can prevent moss, algae, and lichen from growing, block paving driveways are better protected against acid rain that can slowly seep through the blocks causing damage.

A sealant also helps to prevent future problems with weeds as it keeps them away. Weeds are one of the worst enemies of block paving driveways, they also love to push through into the sand below making your driveway surface hollow. Not only does this weaken the driveway but it will also cause potholes in time which not only affects its aesthetic appeal but reduces its value too.

Whichever method you choose to use our team is fully trained in all methods of driveway cleaning so will recommend which one would benefit your drive the most. If it has been a few years since you have had your block paving driveway cleaned or sealed then it might be worthwhile having a chat with our team of driveway specialists who can advise whether this is necessary for your property.

Sealing your paving is particularly important in the UK as our climate is so changeable. We can go from having consistent sun for weeks on end to drenching downpours within days. This weather makes tarmac driveways very susceptible to damage including fading, cracking and even structural damage due to water saturation. Sealing will not only prolong the life of your block paving driveway but it’ll keep it looking its best too by protecting against wear, tear and pollution.

Blocks on a driveway are laid in different patterns next to each other so there will be gaps between them called joints, which is filled with kiln-dried sand. This is where the seeds of weeds penetrate and where dirt can get trapped causing weed growth, stains and general unsightliness. It’s especially important to clean these joints during the driveway cleaning process, the pressure washing will remove this sand, but we always replace it with new sand once the area has completely dried. Sealing them also helps prevent weeds from growing through the joints or cracks in between slabs where grass or moss have taken hold which again makes them much less likely to crack over time.

Block paving driveways are hard wearing, however, they’re still susceptible to general wear and tear like any other surface. Therefore it’s important you keep up regular maintenance on your driveway by cleaning and sealing them regularly.

Regularly maintaining your block paving driveway will ensure you protect the appearance of your home for many years, keeping its value high. However, if not looked after correctly this type of driveway can become unsightly in just a couple of years with stains becoming more noticeable due to weathering caused by the sun.


What kind of external surfaces do you clean and restore?

We can professionally clean and seal any type of external hard surface around the Derby area. Our business includes the following surfaces, block paving, patio slabs, porcelain paving, Indian sandstone, flagstones, concrete, tarmac, resin driveways, imprinted concrete surfaces and crazy paving If you are looking for our roof cleaning team to do work on your property, then we can clean tiles such as concrete tiles, slate tiles and clay tiles, steel roofs, PVC Roofs, rubber roofs and flat roof surfaces. If you are not sure of your roofing material then please call us for advice. We can also clean and wash down other residential and commercial hard surfaces like brick walls, timber decking, house rendering walls and all external PVC surfaces like facias, soffits, guttering and glass conservatories. If you are not about anything we can assist you with friendly and helpful advice beforehand.

Is it worth sealing my block paving after it’s been cleaned?

Yes indeed, there are so many good reasons to have your block paving sealed properly on regular intervals. The best reason is the protection it will give to your driveway paving against the UK harsh weather. You have invested a lot of money in your driveway and you want to keep it looking pristine and protected to stop it degrading. Other positive advantages our block paving sealing process offers is UV light blocking which can, in time, cause fading of the blocks. The sealant also protects the concrete pavers from heavy staining, moss, algae and lichen growth, surface eroding from the adverse weather and surface discolouration. Our professional sealers also help to bind together the kiln dry jointing sand that will lock all your driveway blocks together. Call us now for a no-obligation quotation for the cleaning and sealing of your block paving, and protect your investment.

Can you remove all the staining on my driveway?

I assure you that Premium Restorations of Derby will always try our utmost to remove your unwanted stains from any surface. During our initial site visit and free home survey, we will assess the staining damage and be totally honest with you and issue our appraisal. Even though we are armed with some of the most advanced specially formulated commercial cleaning agents that are not even available to the public, we can still not 100% guarantee that all stains will be eradicated. If you talk to another cleaning company that promises you that all staining will be removed by them, then please be very wary of these false promises. in fact do yourself a service and do not deal with them! as they are not to be trusted. We can definitely improve most of the staining that we come across, but not necessarily remove totally.

Will you replace the sand between my block paving after cleaning?

Yes this will be included in the price, once we have cleaned your block paving driveway and are happy with the final result, we will then attend to the sweeping in and replacement of the new kiln dry sand that was washed away during the cleaning process. All the blocks must be bone dry for us to finish this part to make sure the sand travels all the way down between the block paving gaps, ensuring the sand locks everything together as it should.

Will the weeds return after the driveway sealing process?

We always treat our customers driveways prior to the cleaning and sealing process. This will kill all weeds and roots. However, it really is impossible to 100% stop future weeds from growing back at some time in the future. Our professional driveway sealants will drastically reduce the return of any weeds and vegetation, and a regular driveway maintenance program of cleaning and sealing will keep your block paving surfaces looking their best throughout the year, fresh and weed-free.

Do i need to be present when you are cleaning my driveway, patio or other hard surface?

No, you can carry out your day as normal. As long as we have the use of an external water supply. Our machines are all petrol driven motors, so we are pretty self-sufficient when it comes to any other power sources. So yes, you can go to work or out for the day and leave our team to do their job, and on your return your driveway will be cleaned and sealed. Just make sure that you pull into the right driveway as you may not recognise yours!

How much does driveway cleaning cost?

Many factors determine the price of our service including; the size of your paving, condition (if any repairs are needed), accessibility (how difficult it will be for our machines to access the site), and location (isolated pavements require additional attention). Our trained technicians can assess your requirements to provide an accurate quote tailored specifically to your block paving driveways.

We supply each client with a FREE no-obligation estimate before commencing work on any Block paving Driveway. We also offer a masonry sealer that really adds value to your property plus it has many benefits like increasing the span of the surface, giving superior slip resistance, and enhanced protection against dirt, oils, and chemicals. Block paving Driveway cleaning and sealing is a professional service we provide in Derbyshire UK.

Our services include Block Paving Driveway Cleaning, Pre-sealing of block paving driveways, Sealing of block paving driveways, Power washing of block paving driveways, Power rinsing of block paving driveway, re-grouting of cracks in the pavement from 12mm down to 1mm using specialist diamond tools with a 2mtr hose or jet washer for larger cracks. Block Paving Driveway is an integral part of your property’s appearance and image given the increasing trend of applying patios and driveways in the last few years.


You may think that you do not need to get the Block Paving Driveway Cleaning and Sealing done professionally but you will be wrong because most people who try to do it themselves end up using caustic chemicals which eat into the surface of their Block Paving Driveway. This then makes additional work for yourself later on when you realise how badly damaged your paving actually is.


You should also know that even the best detergents and caustic chemicals can cause significant damage to your block paving driveway if they are not used correctly, which is why we recommend that you use a professional service like Premium Restorations of Derby.

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