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​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

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Moss Removal

Moss, Lichen and Algae Removal

These are organisms or plants living among the filaments of a fungus in a relationship that benefits both. Lichen prefers alternate wet and dry conditions and will grow on nearly any exterior surface. Therefore, damp conditions are perfect for moss algae and lichen to grow. When materials like leaves collect on your roof, a perfect bed is formed for moss, algae lichen to grow. People try finding ways to remove these unwanted materials for themselves without having to hire roofing contractors. There are also ways you can do it yourself.

You can remove them using vinegar as an environmentally friendly weed killer. Roof cleaning is an important aspect of having your house look new and not aged. Algae and moss on roofs adds years to the look of your house, removal of them will make your house stand out and look anew. Hence

  • Ensure to clean up any organic matter on the roof such as leaves, twigs or other debris. Organic materials is a perfect growing ground for moss, algae and lichen, not only that, it can also rot and possibly damage your roof.
  • Use a push broom, or other sorts of stuff brush to scrape away any stubborn mold or lichen patches that are still remaining. Begin with the top of the roof and work your way towards the leaves. Please for your safety, stay away from the edges of the roof.
  • Use a tall ladder that is well fastened or fitted a wall and reach areas where you can not reach while standing.
  • Use a bucket and pour distilled vinegar into the area.
    Wait for some days for the vinegar to kill all the moss, algae and lichen.
  • Use a brush to remove all the dead moss, algae and lichen.
    Use a garden hose or sprayer to rinse off everything.

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Preventive non-chemical control measures.

  • Dislodge moss from between paving by running a sharp knife along the cracks. Use a block paving brush with a long handle, narrow head and wire bristle for effective cleaning without bending.
  • A pressure washer will remove moss and algae effectively, however use this method with care in areas where drainage is unsatisfactory as the additional water could worse damp problem. Always wear a goggle when using a pressure washer, this is the best method for removing algae and moss from wooden garden features.
  • After spraying, consider treating fences and sheds with wood preservatives and garden furniture with teak oil.
  • Brush hard surface with a stuff broom frequently to help avoid the germination from taking place.
  • Raking loose surfaces like gravel helps to keep these areas free from both weed and moss.
  • Crop overhanging plants to improve air flow, this will allow the effect of the drying sun and wind to reach the area.
  • Make sure that your surface is slightly sloppy to prevent stagnant water
    Improving drainage in the surrounding area will also help prevent growth. Dig out shallow channels along the edges path, patios and driveways and fill with coarse gravel to absorb run off water.
  • Surface finishes that are raised to give a firm hold in wet weather are best for shady spot. On a wooden surface try tracking down some chicken wires as this will make it less slippery.
  • Spreading coarse sand onto the garden steps is another easy anti-slip solution.

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