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We use a zero abrasive method of roof cleaning called soft washing which is much kinder to your roof tiles and nearby surfaces. This means no high risk of any damages or flooding occurring, unlike the high pressure cleaning methods used by some roof cleaning contractors.


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All roofs start to look dull and drab over the years, as the weather and elements take their toll. Moss, lichen, algae, grime, dirt and bird droppings and all sorts of other nasty things can turn the roof into an unattractive part of your home. Our roof cleaning and treatment can have your roof and house looking fantastic again!

Premium restorations of Derby use our Soft washing method to renovate customers roofs, and also fix any minor repairs such as broken tiles, cement works, and guttering. 

Our method is more health and safety conscious too,  as we have our own equipment and do not need to climb all over your roof blasting gallons of water and breaking tiles. This is unnecessary with soft washing. We scrape off the moss first and then treat the roof with low pressure biocides that kill all the unwanted organic. It really is a superior method! 

Using high pressure roof cleaning methods will definitely work to remove all the moss and dirt from a roof, but at what expense? There are certain risks involved by doing it this way. It can put a lot of stress onto your tiles and roof surface, such as broken tiles and ridges, surrounding fixtures and fittings, and not to mention water pouring into your loft area as 30 litres a minute of pressurised water cascades over your roof area. 

Also I will guarantee that the moss will come back with a vengeance as the moss spores are blown over the roof tile, only to grow back again more quickly than before.

Is this what you want?


I didn’t think so, read on!

Is there a better way?

Indeed there is, Its called Soft washing

We use it to clean and treat roofs all over Derby!


 What is soft washing?

Soft washing, cleaning and treating only uses low-pressure high-tech cleaning technology, and safe, non abrasive roof cleaning solutions on residential and commercial roofs.

The soft washing method removes all biological growth and infestations of mosses, lichens, algaes, and mildews on roof tiles, and other roof surfaces. Our tested and safe biocide solutions steralises roof surface surfaces, by doing this it also cleans the roof at the same time over a period of weeks.By killing off all this organic growth material, not just on the surface, but also deep down into the pores of the tiles, eradicating all the roots and spores that can easily return to grow again, and may cause damage later on if not dealt with during the cleaning process. Our method keeps your roof looking clean and looking great much longer than high pressure roof cleaning.

Soft washing is the best method to clean and treat roofs!

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What is soft wash roof cleaning? 

A patented technology that uses no chemicals! Our specially designed roof scrapers are designed to match the contours of your roof surface, and then power of water at low pressure is used to gently remove the moss, mould, algae, mildew, dirt and pollen that accumulates on your roof without damaging them. Using our specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution. We first use a gentle degreasing solution to clean your roof removing harmful grime, then a specially formulated solution to clean and disinfect your tiles. The combination will have your roof looking cleaner than ever!

Roof cleaning cost 

The cost of cleaning house and commercial roofs can only be worked out by looking at the first and doing an on site survey. We have to work out the timescale to complete the roof clean and treatment, access to the roof areas, and this is only possible by coming over and taking a look. But don’t worry as our survey, consultation and quotation is free! Once we have assessed your Derby roof we can prepare a competitive affordable price for soft washing your roof and any remedial repairs if required. 


So how much does roof cleaning cost?

We have prepared a price guide for our roof cleaning service in Derby. These standard prices will give you some sort of idea on what it costs for this kind of work. Please take into consideration that this is a dangerous job, even though we take health and safety very seriously, and our training and equipment is expensive. Each roof is subject to survey, and after that we can quote you a fixed price.


Roof cleaning with soft wash method, plus moss removal and biocide treatment:

Bungalows average around £550.00

2 and 3 bedroom houses around £650.00

3 to 4 bedroom houses around £750.00

4 plus bedroom houses around £900.00

All commercial work, including retail outlets, industrial units and factories, please contact us to discuss.

All roof cleaning work will be priced after a complete initial survey (FREE)

How long does a soft wash roof cleaning and treatment last?

This is the first question that our customers ask, how long will my roof stay clean after you have finished? This can depend on some common factors like where your home is situated, if you are surrounded by trees then not as long as an urban housing estate. Being near trees and other vegetation will always affect the length of time the treatment will last. So near trees around three to four years, and residential urban areas around five to six years.

What are the advantages of soft washing vs pressure washing

Soft Wash saves your roof by not breaking through the protective sealant between tiles or shingles which can lead to leaks. – Soft Washing is an environmentally friendly way that you can save your roof from additional wear without lugging around a heavy power washer up multiple flights of stairs or ladders. – Soft wash in general is much safer for anyone who has to work on it too, especially in high winds when using a power washer will be extremely dangerous.

In recent years many people have been opting for the eco-friendly approach when it comes to cleaning their homes and businesses. Using less water usually means saving money but there are other benefits to consider; no damage to surrounding flora, more control, and of course it is better for the environment. Soft Washing is a great way of taking advantage of these benefits. All our residential and commercial roof cleaning services use some form of soft washing method on your roof if you request this option.

The great thing about soft washing is that it cleans from the top down so it gently cleans where the mould normally likes to grow without damaging the surface of the tiles. Since you are not trying to break through multiple layers of dirt, algae and mould at high pressure as you would with a power washer, but instead treating it as a gentle scrub and rinse cycle, this makes Soft Wash Roof Cleaning much better for your roof plus safer for anyone who has to work on it. Which means a longer lasting beautiful roof for you!

Soft wash roof cleaning gives that deep clean feeling removing all traces of unwanted dirt, mould, moss and algae. 

Our professional roof cleaning service will use an eco-friendly solution containing enzymes that are mild but very effective at breaking down stubborn bio-film growth that can cause roofs to turn black over time. Using only purified water means almost all the existing bacterial slime will be removed without leaving any harsh chemical residue behind which could potentially damage tiles or vegetation next to the building itself. Most organic cleaners are also safe for plants and animals so there’s no danger from runoff making its way into the surrounding area.

To begin with, it’s worth pointing out that any cleaning method you choose will depend partly upon weather conditions and what type of material your roof is made from so you should always check if this is likely to be safe. Soft wash roof cleaning is significantly less abrasive than using a pressure washer and will not damage tiles, rubber, plastic or any other type of roofing material so it’s perfectly safe to use with almost every kind. You just need to ensure you are working within the safety guidelines of each individual method before starting work. It’s worth noting that you should never attempt to soft wash your roof if it might be slippery as this increases the risk of accidents occurring which could lead to significant problems further down the line.

Soft wash roof cleaning starts by applying detergent or degreaser at high level on your building before spraying water onto the areas in question using hoses which have been specifically designed for this purpose. The machine has a rotating head on top of the hose, which has many jets coming out. This will clean your roof thoroughly and also help to dissolve any contaminants stuck to your roof so that they can be washed away with ease.

Once we have completed an inspection of your property we will then move onto inspecting every single inch of the roof itself, noting down any problem areas which require further attention moving forward. At this stage it is vital to note that your roof should be cleaned regularly to lessen the chances of these problem areas developing. It’s also worth noting that most roofs will not require complete rebuilding or removal of further layers after being cleaned, unless there are extensive problems with moss growth or other mildew related issues.

Why get my roof cleaned?

Clean roofs look better and last longer than dirty ones, hence what makes this type of cleaning so valuable and necessary for properties both commercial and residential. Roofs that are currently covered in black algae or brown moss can be restored by using a solution that won’t harm plants, animals or insects while still effectively removing dirt from roof tiles. Soft washing roof cleaning is able to remove dirt that accumulates on roofs due to the wind blowing it up there after being kicked up from cars driving on roads nearby. Soft washing  your roof can also be a great alternative for people who have tried other types of cleaning methods and failed. A clean roof is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it is also more resistant to weather conditions. A dirty roof can easily clog gutters and in turn water damages the exterior of the home or business. Dirt on roofs also insulates heat, thus increasing utility bills in warm months, while decreasing comfort during winter when heat escapes due to dirt buildup. 


Cleaning your roof

The roof of a home is a necessary part of the overall structure. A large portion of homes have flat roofs, which are among the easiest to clean. The roof itself can become dirty through dust or pollen in the air. Water runoff from rain and snow may also cause dirt streaks on the surface. In addition, algae and fungi can grow quickly on roofs that are shaded by trees or otherwise never see direct sunlight. These organisms have no natural predators, so it is up to homeowners to ensure that their rooftops remain clean and free from dangerous slimes and mosses. 

Because of its design, brick and concrete will not allow water runoff like other types of roofs do. This makes them ideal for areas with lots of rain and snow because the dirt will not become trapped. However, over time, dust from the air may collect on them and they can also accumulate a light coating of moss or algae through exposure to moisture.

What types of roof tiles can be cleaned in a soft wash roof cleaning process?

The soft wash roof cleaning process can be performed on any type of tile, slate, concrete, clay, metal, plastic, fibre cement, flat asphalt roofs, conservatory roofs, EPDM rubber roofing systems, fibreglass roofs, wooden roofs, and steep-pitched roofs. For the safety of property owners and the technicians performing this service it is necessary that all nails are removed from the roof tiling area prior to starting. This helps ensure that there will not be any punctures to the hose or equipment while being used. The nails can then be reinstalled at completion. All gutters should also have all debris removed so they do not obstruct water flow.

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