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​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

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How To Find A Reputable Roof Cleaner

Tips To Choose A Reputable Roof Cleaner

  • Do your research- research the company before making a decision.
  • Ask family and friends and neighbours for recommendations and ask for their experiences working with a roof cleaning company. Choose a company that will be honest and trustworthy.
  • Check the roof cleaners online reviews; read customer reviews and comments on their websites to get an idea of the level of customer service you can expect.
  • Make sure the roof cleaner is licensed and insured; the first thing you should determine about all prospective roof cleaning contractors is whether they maintain all professional licensing requirements. It is a true idea that you do not trust your home with someone who has no professional licence.

It is also vital to determine if the roof cleaning company or contractor is properly insured. Once you have a roof cleaning company or contractor that is properly licensed and insured, you can feel confident that they will get the job done rightly with an added security of insurance protection.

  • Ask to see proof of insurance and licensing as well as all the necessary qualifications and credentials; almost all rogue contractors can not provide proof of insurance and licensing. For contractors who can not provide this should be a warning sign that you should stay away from them. All reputable roof cleaners will carry workers compensation and liability insurance to cover their employees on the job. If they do not have insurance, you could be held responsible for any injuries incurred while work is being done on your roof or home.
  • Get a written estimate before hiring a roof cleaner; doing this will make you have a more convincing thought that you are dealing with a professional. Verbal contracts are not binding, and despite how lovely a contractor seems when they are discussing your job with you, they can easily refuse the memory of something which can end up costing you greatly.
  • Read the contract carefully before signing it so you know what is included in the cleaning service; this will help you to avoid having a misunderstanding with the contractor after finishing the work. Check whether they accept or receive payments via transfer, cheque or cash. Also ask the contractor to know if they guarantee their work. Never work with a contractor that does not guarantee their work.
  • Fair pricing; the cost of service is an important consideration in your selection process. Ensure that the price range is within the prevailing market price in your area. Good and reputable companies always give prices similar to what the current market price is in your area. You can as well request for quotes from at least three contractors so that you can compare prices, service options and other important factors.
  • Experience; in choosing your contractor, look for their years of experience in the industry. A company’s length of service in the business affirms the quality of its work and shows that they are trusted by customers.
  • Washing method; inquire about the contractor’s washing method or technique. Avoid contractors using the conventional pressure washing system and very dangerous chemicals as they may damage your roof. It is advisable to look for a cleaning company which employs soft water pressure washing for more effective and safer cleaning. If the contractor’s first instinct is to use a pressure washer without inspecting the roof, you may consider moving onto the next contractor.
  • Right tools and skilled staff; make sure your contractor has the appropriate equipment and skilled workers to do the job well. Choose a company with proper cleaning materials as well as friendly and courteous employees.

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Which Is The Best Option For You – DIY Or Hiring A Pro?

A professional storm damage specialist can determine the cause of roof discolouration by properly identifying the location and colour of stain or marks. After inspecting the structure or building, and learning the source of the issue, the roof cleaner will help you come up with the best solutions that are fit for your unique needs. But a do it yourself homeowner does not have the experience, the professionalism and the skill to inspect, recommend and resolve as required.

As roof washing is important for keeping a home in good condition, you might be tempted to buy pressure washing equipment and try to tackle this job by yourself. Owning a power washing equipment may allow you to clean a home’s roof at your convenience, but remember that this job is more often difficult and dangerous than any homeowner could realise. A mistake that homeowners make on DIY roof washing methods is by assuming that added pressure is the best choice for removing moss and thick layers of dirt and grime. Too much pressure can easily loosen or split shingles and tiles while also creating a messy splatter. Added pressure to the washer might also be ineffective at removing all the unwanted materials on your roof.

It is worthy to note that moss, algae, mould or other microorganisms growing on your roof can be removed by specialty chemicals designed to kill the growing microorganisms from the roots and spores. Detergents and other chemical solutions meant for roofs also dissolves thick dirt and grime, loosen storm debris and caked mud. This allows you to use low pressure rinsing for a safe clean.

Homeowners might by mistake use chlorine bleach on their house roofs, which dries out and damages the shingles and tiles. Unlike chlorine, oxygenated bleach kills algae and mould without the risk of any damage.

Hence, improper roof washing techniques damages tiles, flashing and shingles of your roof and also create a mess around the home’s exterior. Running a pressurised water from the bottom of the shingles to their top can loosen them, making them more likely to be blown away by storm. It is also important to wash debris and dirt towards the home’s gutters and work gently enough so that all the residues make their way to downpipes instead of falling over gutter sides.

In addition, allowing detergents or other chemicals to dry on the roof surface can leave behind unsightly streaks. Residual detergents and cleaning solutions also create a sticky surface that traps more dirt than before.

Moreover, homeowners need to avoid DIY roof cleaning methods especially if the home’s roof is older or covered in thick layers of dirt and moss.

At last, a professional roof cleaning company or contractor ensures a thorough rinse as well as a complete clean. They take all the necessary precautions to ensure that your roof is cleaned to the best standard quality. So, why do it yourself?

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