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​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

​Professional Driveway and Patio Cleaning and Sealing – Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal – Pigeon Proofing of Solar Panels – Gutter Cleaning – Soffits & Facia Cleaning -All Pressure Washing Services & External Cleaning Services

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How Often Should Your Roof Be Cleaned

Just in case you are looking for answers on how regular one can get their roof cleaned, you must be aware of the importance of this task. Cleaning your roof will make your house appear beautiful and neat and even prevent expensive repairs. Below is the main discussion.

When You Should Clean Your Roof

You can clean your roof once a year, you should get professional assistance from an expert for roof cleaning every year to keep your roof in its best condition. However, the explanation will change depending on a variety of factors. If you are based in a place where it rains heavily for many months, you might want to call for assistance two times or three times a year. Meanwhile, moisture and rain will create a comfortable environment for algae and moss to survive. And at the same time, a house surrounded by tall trees may need more cleaning than others because falling leaves and detritus will accumulate quickly.

For this issue, you can clean it by yourself using a broom or leaf blower, nevertheless, it is always better to allow a professional roof cleaner to handle it. If you have a newly installed roof, cleaning it once in two years will be enough, as long as the installation process or repair does a beautiful job using the right materials. If all things about the newly installed roof are perfect, you can go for two years without professional cleaning

Different Kinds Of Roofs And How Often It Should Be Cleaned

The regular cleaning of the roof depends on what kind of materials it is.

Concrete Tiles

These usually need cleaning up once every two years.

Wooden Tiles

These will require more regular cleaning, around once a year.

Metal Roof

Metal roofs are long-lasting and hardy, you only have to clean it once a in three years, even rough bristle brushes and strong chemical cleaning agent will not affect the durability of such roof as compared to other materials.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are slightly more fragile and delicate than concrete tiles. However, they do not need as much maintenance as the former materials, if you are too rough whilst cleaning them, they will become loose or lose their gravel finish.

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How To Know When You Need To Clean Your Roof

The overall discussion about cleaning your roof is that you clean it whenever you notice signs that it needs scrubbing, these signs are usually visible, built up leaves and detritus on the surface of the roof is one obvious indication that you need to call for the roof cleaning experts. The growth of moss, algae stains and streak lining are also easily noticeable traces, you might even have to clean the roof more than once a year. Do keep in mind how often you should clean the roof and do not get too aggressive and end up cleaning it more than it requires.

You can even inspect your roof once a year, typically before winter sets in. Running a roof inspection is a good habit to get used to. Always remember that safety comes first and if you are not sure in any way of doing any inspection yourself or you can not access your roof, then it is advised that you call in a professional.

If any one of you happens to be up on the roof safely, you should try to look out for

Loose Or Cracked Tiles

Any sign of this shows that it will leak or break sooner or later, so do ensure you get it repaired right away.

Lichen And Moss

A small quantity of these organisms are natural, specifically on parts that do not get much sun, but it is worth keeping an eye on it to ensure that it does not get out of control.

Overhanging Tree Branches

This can lead to damages, especially if you have feelings that your roof is more fragile or delicate than tiles or slate, which in turn could cause leaks or accumulated moss, algae, or lichen on most soaked sections.

Blocked Gutters

This can also lead to leaks in the long run or an accumulated water which could attract insects or create a friendly environment for mosses to grow.

 In Conclusion …

At least a day of roof cleaning is important for any home, a person should not see this task as something that increases maintenance expenses. Instead, keeping your roof clean and avoiding damages will assist you to save money.

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